Meet Drops & Wins Slots 2023 by Pragmatic Play with a prize pool of €1,500,000

Just one spin and you can win!

Fans of Pragmatic Play slots have been looking forward to the new Drops & Wins Slots competition. And that joyous moment has now come!

  • The date of the promotion: February 8, 2023 – May 3, 2023
  • Prize pool: €1,500,000

The promotion consists of 12 tournaments, each lasts 7 days and brings €62,000 in prize money.

The entire competition is divided into three stages. The participants will get €500,000 of prize money in each of the stages:

  • Stage 1 (February 8 - March 8)
  • Stage 2 (March 8 - April 5)
  • Stage 3 (April 8 - May 3)

On any of the 84 days of the tournament you could be lucky enough to win the prize of the day, which is awarded randomly after just one lucky spin🤩 The prize pool is as much as €9,000 every day!

Drops & Wins Slots 2023 includes 2 types of mechanics: regular and multipliers. The mechanics change every 4 weeks. 

To participate in tournaments with regular mechanics, the minimum bet is €0,5. In such tournaments, cash prizes are raffled off. Tournaments on the multiplier mechanics bring winners multipliers or bonuses in the form of free rounds. Also, no minimum wager is required here.

⚡️ But that's not all! Experienced participants guess that Pragmatic Play has prepared the same fun in the live games. We're waiting for you in the Drops & Wins Live Casino tournament!

Additional Terms:

  1. Drops & Wins Slots Period: February 8, 2023, 21:01 - May 3, 2023, 19:59.

  2. Pragmatic Play games marked "Drops & Wins" participate in the contest.

  3. If two or more participants have an equal number of points, the one who scores the points first takes the advantage.

  4. Only bets made with real money take part in the "Drops & Wins Slots" promotion.

  5. The size of the bet and the amount of winnings affect the number of points awarded.

  6. The list of slots is updated before each game period.

  7. For more details on the rules of the Drops & Wins Slots promotion, check out the slots marked "Drops & Wins".

  8. Pragmatic Play reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time.